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Where is Bali? How to reach Bali? Where to stay in Bali? How to travel in Bali? Places to visit in Bali? Where to eat in Bali? Will I get vegetarian food in Bali? What will be the total budget for Bali? When is a good time to visit Bali? How long should I stay in Bali? can I go to Bali for my honeymoon? Can I go with my family? How about a bachelor trip to Bali? Do I need to go with a Bali tour package? What activities can I do in Bali? Is it really worth visiting Bali or is it just hype? If you have all these questions then watch this video :) "Bali Travel Guide | All You Need To Know About Bali | India to Bali | Bali Trip | Budget, Visa, Stay"

#Bali is situated in Indonesia, it's not a city or a country but it's an island. Indonesia has more than 17000 islands among which Bali is one the most popular ones. You can find crystal clear beaches to thick forests and from incredible waterfalls to volcanic mountains. That's the reason why Bali has become one of the hottest destinations for people across the globe. Another reason why Bali got so much popularity is because of Instagram. The photos posted on Instagram are just wow! After visiting Bali, I can confirm that Bali is indeed worth the hype and in fact, it's even more beautiful than what you see in those photos.

This video is dedicated to providing #BaliTravelGuide and #BaliTourism will answer all your questions.

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00:00 - Intro
01:00 - #1 About Bali
01:54 - #2 Culture in Bali
02:50 - #3 When to visit Bali
03:52 - #4 How to reach Bali
04:50 - #5 Visa & Other Documents
05:48 - #6 Places to visit in Bali
08:05 - #7 Where to stay in Bali
09:05 - #8 Food in Bali
10:02 - #9 How to travel inside Bali
11:28 - #10 Getting Sim card in Bali
12:32 - #11 Local currency in Bali
13:50 - #12 Shopping in Bali
14:34 - #13 Bali Tour Package
15:16 - #14 Activities to do in Bali
15:58 - #15 Bali Budget from India
16:48 - Closure

This video series is all about Bali Travel guide from India, places to visit in Bali and things to do in Bali.

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